Clondike's Photo Pages

Below is a photo of my chubby friend, Clondike Kintsfather, taken when she was a young pup of 11 months. Check out the "puppy ears!"

For more photos of Clondike, click on the page desired:

  • Clondike at Play
  • Clondike's Puppy Pictures, Just found in an old trunk
  • The Brussels Sprouts Kid, Clondike does agility for brussels sprouts
  • Stoned Pyr, Clondike strung out on Ace following minor surgery
  • Clondike's Barney Babe, Clondike finds romance at the 97 National
  • Barney Babe Comes A Courtin', Barney visits Ms. Clondike
  • Beach Blanket Barney, Clondike's Barney Babe, Surfer Dude
  • The "Punk" Look, Gunner Migas ignores Clondike's shaved look
  • Clondike, Livestock Guardian, Christmas 1998 down on the farm
  • Clondike, Heroine & Heartbreaker, receiving a handsome award & flowers, too
  • Daddy's Little Girl, a 1997 shot showing the human-Pyr interface
  • The Dog Who Came to Dinner, Jeff and Patti Bechtel entertain Clondike
  • Showdog for a Day, Clondike attempts to show at the 1999 GPCA National
  • Therapy Angel, Clondike dresses up as an angel/clown for a Halloween therapy visit
  • Clondike, Landed Gentry, Christmas in the country, 1999
  • Clondike the Socialite, Entertaining Barney Babe, July, 2000
  • Clondike the Party Pyr, Reigns as Queen of the Penn-Dutch Holiday Party 2000

    Penny is thrilled that Clondike was selected 1998 Hero of the Year by the
    Tails on Wheels Dog Therapy Group!

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